R56 has related use

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is related use for
Version 2.1
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This property associates an instance of F35 Nomen Use Statement with another instance of F35 Nomen Use Statement which has a related use in some context, such as alternative, lexical variant, replacing former use etc. The property R56.1 allows for specifying the particular kind of the nomen use statement relationship


‘001 FRBNF122597517’…‘14506$w.1..b.fre.$aDu sublime’ (F35) R56 has related use ‘001 FRBNF122597517’…‘14506$w.0..g.grp $aΠερὶ ὕπσους’ (F35) R56.1 has type parallel form (E55)


‘001 FRBNF126866954’…‘100 $w.0..b.....$aTyrrell$mGeorge$d1861-1909’ (F35) R56 has related use ‘001 FRBNF126866954’…‘466 $w....b $aTyrell$oAffaire$g1907’ (F35) R56.1 has type has variant access point for a personal name, intended to be displayed in a subject index only, and not in a personal names index (E55) [Explanation: in the Intermarc format used at the National Library of France, tag 466 in an authority record for a person serves to introduce a topical term which is displayed as a variant form for the personal name in the subject index, but is not displayed in the name index]


‘010 __ |a n 78004438’…‘410 2_ |a IFLA’ (F35) R56 has related use ‘010 __ |a n 78004438’…‘110 2_ |a International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions’ R56.1 has type has full form (in MARC 21 field 410 serves as a reference to the accepted form which appears in field 110)