Scope Notes

F1 Work
F2 Expression
F3 Manifestation Product Type
F4 Manifestation Singleton
F5 Item
F6 Concept
F7 Object
F8 Event
F9 Place
F10 Person
F11 Corporate Body
F12 Nomen
F13 Identifier
F14 Individual Work
F15 Complex Work
F16 Container Work
F17 Aggregation Work
F18 Serial Work
F19 Publication Work
F20 Performance Work
F21 Recording Work
F22 Self-Contained Expression
F23 Expression Fragment
F24 Publication Expression
F25 Performance Plan
F26 Recording
F27 Work Conception
F28 Expression Creation
F29 Recording Event
F30 Publication Event
F31 Performance
F32 Carrier Production Event
F33 Reproduction Event
F35 Nomen Use Statement
F36 Script Conversion
F38 Character
F39 Family
F40 Identifier Assignment
F41 Representative Manifestation Assignment
F42 Representative Expression Assignment
F43 Identifier Rule
F44 Bibliographic Agency
F50 Controlled Access Point
F51 Pursuit
F52 Name Use Activity
F53 Material Copy
F54 Utilized Information Carrier
R1 is logical successor of
R2 is derivative of
R3 is realised in
R4 carriers provided by
R5 has component
R6 carries
R7 is example of
R8 consists of
R9 is realised in
R10 has member
R11 has issuing rule
R12 is realised in
R13 is realised in
R14 incorporates
R15 has fragment
R16 initiated
R17 created
R18 created
R19 created a realisation of
R20 recorded
R21 created
R22 created a realisation of
R23 created a realisation of
R24 created
R25 performed
R26 produced things of type
R27 used as source material
R28 produced
R29 reproduced
R30 produced
R31 is reproduction of
R32 is warranted by
R33 has content
R34 has validity period
R35 is specified by
R36 uses script conversion
R37 states as nomen
R38 refers to thema
R39 is intended for
R40 has representative expression
R41 has representative manifestation product type
R42 is representative manifestation singleton for
R43 carried out by
R44 carried out by
R45 assigned to
R46 assigned
R48 assigned to
R49 assigned
R50 assigned to
R51 assigned
R52 used rule
R53 assigned
R54 has nomen language
R55 has nomen form
R56 has related use
R57 is based on
R58 has fictional member
R59 had typical subject
R60 used to use language
R61 occurred in kind of context
R62 was used for membership in
R63 named
R64 used name
R65 recorded aspects of
R66 included performed version of
CLP2 should have type
CLP43 should have dimension
CLP45 should consist of
CLP46 should be composed of
CLP57 should have number of parts
CLP104 subject to
CLP105 right held by
CLR6 should carry