R4 carriers provided by

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comprises carriers of
Version 2.1
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Scope note: 
This property associates a publication, i.e. an instance of F3 Manifestation Product Type, with an instance of F2 Expression, which all exemplars of that publication should carry, as long as they are recognised as complete exemplars of that publication. Typically, this property is observed on one exemplar of a publication, and extrapolated to all other exemplars of the same publication.
This property is a shortcut of: F2 Expression P165i is incorporated in F24 Publication Expression CLR6i should be carried by F3 Manifestation Product Type.
The text of Marin Mersenne’s ‘Harmonie universelle’ (F22) R4 carriers provided by publication identified by ISBN ‘2-222-00835-2’ (F3)
A recording of the Atrium Musicæ Ensemble’s performance of a fragment of Euripides’ textual and musical work entitled ‘Orestes’ (F26) R4 carriers provided by the CD entitled ‘Musique de la Grèce antique = Ancient Greek music = Griechische Musik der Antike’, released in 2000 and identified by UPC/EAN ‘794881601622’ (F3)