R36 uses script conversion

Inverse Property: 
is script conversion used in
Version 2.1
Scope note: 

This property associates an instance of F35 Nomen Use Statement with the instance of F36 Script Conversion that was used to create the Nomen referred to in the Nomen Use Statement. The source of this conversion may or may not be explicitly mentioned. Is shortcut of: F35 Nomen Use Statement R17 was created by (created) F28 Expression Creation P33 used specific technique (was used by) E29 Design or Procedure.

‘001 FRBNF120864715’…‘100 $w.0..ba....$aDu$mFu$d0712-0770’ (F35) R36 uses script conversion Pinyin (F36)
‘001 FRBNF119547493’…‘100 w.0..barus.$aGončarova$mNatalʹâ Sergeevna$d1881-1962’ (F35) R36 uses script conversion ISO 9:1995 (F36)