R31 is reproduction of

Inverse Property: 
has reproduction
Version 2.1
Subproperty of: 
CIDOC property: 
Scope note: 

This property associates an instance of E84 Information Carrier which is a reproduction of another instance of E84 Information Carrier with the latter. It is considered that a reproduction of multiple originals resulting in a single product requires a merging of those objects prior to the reproduction. Therefore an Information Carrier is regarded to be a reproduction of one and only one original. This property is a shortcut of the more fully developed path from E84 Information Carrier through R30 produced (was produced by), F33 Reproduction Event R29 reproduced (was reproduced by) to E84 Information Carrier.


The New York Public Library holding identified by call number ‘JMD 04-1060’ (E84) R31 is reproduction of one of the original exemplars of Eran Guter’s dissertation (E84)