R16 initiated

Inverse Property: 
was initiated by
Version 2.1
FRBR class: 
Subproperty of: 
CIDOC property: 
Scope note: 
This property associates the first conception of a work and the work itself that ensued from a given initial idea.
It marks the origin of the causality chain that results in a work’s coming into existence.
Ludwig van Beethoven’s decision to compose a fifth symphony (F27) R16 initiated Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (F15)
Pablo Picasso’s acceptance, in 1930, of Ambroise Vollard’s commission for a set of 100 etchings, now known as the ‘Vollard Suite’ (F27) R16 initiated the ‘Vollard Suite’ (F15)
René Goscinny’s and Albert Uderzo’s decision to collaborate on the comic book entitled ‘Asterix in Britain’ (F27) R16 initiated the comic book entitled ‘Asterix in Britain’ (F15)
The creative spark that motivated Oscar Wilde, by May 1897, to write a poem inspired by his stay in the Reading prison in 1895-1897 (F27) R16 initiated Oscar Wilde’s poem entitled ‘The ballad of the Reading gaol’ (F15)