F52 Name Use Activity

Version 2.1
Subclass of: 
Scope note: 

This class comprises periods of continuous use of a specific instance of E41 Appellation for a particular instance of E1 CRM Entity by an E39 Actor. It includes in particular the use of the name by its carrier. Characteristically, actors performing an activity may choose a particular appellation for themselves in the context of this activity. Such cases should be modelled by additionally classifying these activities as instances of F52 Name Use Activity.

It is possible to specify the type of name use, through the P2 has type property, e.g.: use of a pseudonym, use of a married name, use of a birth name, use of a blended name, use of a religious name, etc


Using the pseudonym ‘Prince’ until 1993, and again from 2000 on 68 Using the pseudonym ‘Love Symbol’ from 1993 to 2000

Using the pseudonym ‘Lewis Carroll’ when authoring works of fiction (P2 has type E55 Type {use of a pseudonym})

Using the name ‘Charles Dodgson’ when authoring works of mathematics and logics (P2 has type E55 Type {use of a birth name})

Using the name ‘Mother Teresa’ instead of ‘Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu’ when becoming head of the Missionaries of Charity (P2 has type E55 Type {use of a religious name})

Using the name ‘Elizabeth Barrett Browning’ instead of ‘Elizabeth Barrett Barrett’ after marrying Robert Browning (P2 has type E55 Type {use of a married name})

Using the name ‘Antonio Villaraigosa’ instead of ‘Antonio Villar’ after marrying Corina Raigosa (P2 has type E55 Type {use of a blended name}) [comment: when former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villar and Corina Raigosa got married in 1987, the two spouses decided they would merge their two last names into one]