F35 Nomen Use Statement

Version 2.1
Subclass of: 
FRBR class: 
Scope note: 

This class comprises statements relating a Thema with a particular Nomen and its usage in the context of a common Complex Work realized by one or more KOS.


‘010 __ |a sh 85082387’…‘150 __ |a Maxwell equations’ [MARC21 encoding of the preferred subject access point from LCSH, http://lccn.loc.gov/sh85082387, as of 19 November 2012]


‘010 __ |a sh 85082387’…‘450 __ |a Equations, Maxwell’ [MARC21 encoding of a variant subject access point, from the same source]


‘001 FRBNF119547493’…‘100 w.0..barus.$aGončarova$mNatalʹâ Sergeevna$d1881-1962’ [INTERMARC encoding of the preferred access point for a personal name, from the authority file of the National Library of France, http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb119547494/ INTERMARC, as of 15 June 2012]


‘001 FRBNF119547493’…‘100 w.0..c.rus.$aГончарова$mНаталья Сергеевна$d1881-1962’ [INTERMARC encoding of a parallel access point from the same source]


‘001 FRBNF119547493’…‘400 $w....b.eng.$aGoncharova$mNatalia$d1881-1962’ [INTERMARC encoding of a variant access point from the same source]