F24 Publication Expression

Version 2.1
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This class comprises complete sets of signs present in publications, reflecting publishers’ final decisions as to both selection of content and layout of the publications. Frequently the creation of a Publication Expression includes both adding graphical form and fonts to Expressions consisting of words alone and selecting illustrations and other content. As such, an instance of Publication Expression incorporates all Expressions combined for the resulting final form of rendering, whether visual, audio or tactile. An instance of Publication Expression is one entity regardless of the number of independent Expressions published within it, as long as it represents one unit of release. The published third party content can be associated via the property P165 incorporates (is incorporated in).


The text, its layout and the textual and graphic (Saur’s logo on p. [i]) content of front and back cover, spine (spine title), and p. [i-iv] of the publication entitled ‘Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: final report’, published by K. G. Saur in 1998, identified by ISBN ‘3- 598-11382-X’


The overall content of the book identified by ISBN ‘0-8014-9130-4’: the text of Stephen Crane’s complete poems as edited by Joseph Katz, the numbering system introduced by Joseph Katz in order to identify each individual poem by Stephen Crane, page numbers, the text of Joseph Katz’s dedication, preface, acknowledgements, and introduction, the table of contents, the index of first lines, the statements found on title page, back of title page (including CIP bibliographic record), cover front, back front, and spine, and the layout of the publication; for one of Stephen Crane’s longer poems, printed on p. 142-143, a statement reads at bottom of p. 142: ‘[NO STANZA BREAK]’: obviously, this statement does not belong to the Self-Contained Expression intended by Stephen Crane, and presumably not to the one intended by editor Joseph Katz either, but was more probably added by the publishing team, due to characteristics of the layout of the publication: a cautious reader can easily interpret ‘[NO STANZA BREAK]’ as non-belonging to the poem itself, but an OCR process would not make the distinction between the text of the poem and the statement made by the publisher; ‘[NO STANZA BREAK]’ belongs to the Publication Expression, although it does not belong to the Self-Contained Expression intended by Stephen Crane and Joseph Katz


The overall content of the LP sound recording identified by label and label number ‘CBS 34- 61237’: a recorded performance of Terry Riley’s musical work ‘In C’, the text of liner notes by Paul Williams translated into French by Bernard Weinberg, technical statements such as ‘Stereo,’ publisher’s logo, series logo, title and statement of responsibility on front, back, and spine of the cover and on the recording itself, duration statement, cover art by G. Joly, overall layout, etc.; a special, shunting sound was added at the end of side one and beginning of side two, as Terry Riley’s work is in the form of a continuous musical flow without any interruption and the technical possibilities of vinyl LPs did not allow the complete performance to be contained on just one side: that special, shunting sound was not intended in Riley’s score nor in the performance but was added by the publisher (with or without Riley’s consent, this detail is not documented), and as such it is part of the Publication Expression although it is not part of the composer’s and the performers’ Self-Contained Expression (this shunting sound was no longer needed in subsequent releases on CD)


The overall content of the DVD entitled ‘The Aviator (2-Disc Full Screen Edition)’, released in 2004: Martin Scorsese’s movie itself; layout of the box and the two DVDs contained in the box; pictures on the DVDs themselves; English, Spanish, and French subtitles; English and French audio tracks; and bonuses: commentaries by director Martin Scorsese, editor Thelma Schoonmaker, and producer Michael Mann; a deleted scene (‘Howard Tells Ava About His Car Accident’); and featurettes ‘A Life Without Limits: The Making of The Aviator’; ‘The Role of Howard Hughes in Aviation History’; ‘Modern Marvels: Howard Hughes, A Documentary by the History Channel’; ‘The Visual Effects of The Aviator’; ‘The Affliction of Howard Hughes: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’; ‘The Age of Glamour: The Hair And Makeup of The Aviator’; ‘Costuming The Aviator: The Work of Sandy Powell’; ‘Constructing The Aviator: The Work of Dante Ferretti’; ‘An evening with Leonardo DiCaprio and Alan Alda’; ‘OCD Panel Discussion With Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, and Howard Hughes’ Widow Terry Moore’; ‘Still Gallery’; ‘Scoring The Aviator: The Work Of Howard Shore’; and ‘The Wainwright Family – Loudon, Rufus and Martha’