F18 Serial Work

Version 2.1
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Scope note: 

This class comprises works that are, or have been, planned to result in sequences of Expressions or Manifestations with common features. Whereas a work can acquire new members during the time it evolves, Expressions and Manifestations are identified with a certain state achieved at a particular point in time. Therefore there is in general no single Expression or Manifestation representing a complete serial work, unless the serial work has ended. Serial Works may or may not have a plan for an overall expression. The retrospective reprinting of all issues of a Serial Work at once, in the form of a monograph, is regarded to be another member of a Complex Work, which contains the Serial Work and the Individual Work realised in the monograph. This does not make the monograph part of the Serial Work.


The periodical entitled ‘The UNESCO Courier’, ISSN ‘0041-5278’


The periodical entitled ‘Courrier de l’UNESCO’, ISSN ‘0304-3118’ [French edition of the periodical titled ‘The UNESCO Courier’, ISSN ‘0041-5278’]


The series entitled ‘L’évolution de l’humanité’, ISSN ‘0755-1843’ [a monograph series comprising volumes that were published from 1920 on, and some of which were reprinted, with different physical features and rearranged in a different order, from 1968 on, in a distinct series also entitled ‘L’évolution de l’humanité’, ISSN ‘0755-1770’]