F17 Aggregation Work

Version 2.1
Subclass of: 
Scope note: 

This class comprises works whose essence is the selection and/or arrangement of expressions of one or more other works. This does not make the contents of the aggregated expressions part of this work, but only part of the resulting expression. F17 Aggregation Work may include additional original parts. 

An expression of a work may include expressions of other works within it. For instance, an anthology of poems is regarded as a work in its own right that makes use of expressions of the individual poems that have been selected and ordered as part of an intellectual process.

 A new version of an aggregate work does not make the resulting complex work an aggregate work as well. The inclusion of expressions from a complex work in an aggregation work does not make the aggregation work itself complex.


The aggregation and arrangement concept of the anthology entitled ‘American Women Poets of the Nineteenth Century: An Anthology’, edited by Cheryl Walker and published by Rutgers University Press in July 1992


The aggregation and arrangement concept of the Web site named ‘IFLANET’


The aggregation and arrangement concept of the collection of articles entitled ‘Marij Kogoj(1892-1992): zbornik referatov s kolokvija ob stoletnici skladateljevega rojstva 7.10.1992 v Ljubljani = Marij Kogoj (1892-1992): proceedings from the colloquium held in Ljubljana at the centenary of the composer’s birth on October 7th, 1992’ and edited by a person named ‘Ivan Klemenčič’