F16 Container Work

Version 2.1
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Scope note: 

This class comprises works whose essence is to enhance or add value to expressions from one or more other works without altering them, by the selection, arrangement and/or addition of features of different form, such as layout to words, recitation and movement to texts, instrumentation to musical scores etc. This does not make the contents of the incorporated expressions part of the Container Work, but only part of the resulting expression. Container Work may include the addition of new, original parts to the incorporated expressions, such as introductions, graphics, etc. 

A new version of a container work does not make the resulting complex work a Container Work as well. The inclusion of expressions from a complex work in a Container Work does not make the Container Work itself complex.


The aggregation and arrangement concept of the anthology entitled ‘American Women Poets of the Nineteenth Century: An Anthology’, edited by Cheryl Walker and published by Rutgers University Press in July 1992 (F17)

The concept for the layout created by printer Guido Morris for the text of Michael Hamburger’s English translation of 12 poems by Georg Trakl for publication in 1952 (F19)


The concept by the publisher named ‘Dell’ of issuing together, in 2002, three novels entitled ‘The Partner’, ‘The Street Lawyer’, and ‘A time to kill’, by the author named ‘John Grisham’, with just the statement ‘Three #1 bestsellers by John Grisham’ as a collective title (F19)


The concept of Sergei Radlov’s mise-en-scène of a Yiddish translation of the textual work entitled ‘King Lear’ in Moscow in 1935 (F20)


The concept of putting together the English text of ‘King Lear’ and a Spanish translation thereof in a bilingual edition of ‘King Lear’ (F17)