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This property associates an instance of F38 Character with an instance of E39 Actor that the character is motivated by or is intended to represent. An instance of F38 Character may be based on a combination of features taken from several actors. This property is a shortcut of the more fully developed path from E28 Conceptual Object, restricted to F38 Character, through the inverse of P94 has created (was created by), E65 Creation P17 was motivated by (motivated) to E1 CRM Entity restricted to E39 Actor.


The Character ‘Sinuhe’ (F38) in Mika Waltari’s ‘Sinuhe the Egyptian: A Novel’ R57 is based on Sinuhe (E21) (documented in the autobiographic narrative in fragments carried by The Ramesside Papyrus, Pap. Berlin 10499, Pap. Berlin 3022, The Amherst fragments (m-q) and other Egyptian sources)


The Character ‘Alexander’ (F38) in Mary Renault’s ‘Fire from Heaven’ R57 is based on Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323) (E21)