F5 Item

Version 2.1
Subclass of: 
Scope note: 

This class comprises physical objects (printed books, scores, CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMS, etc.) that carry a F24 Publication Expression and were produced by an industrial process involving an F3 Manifestation Product Type.


Marin Mersenne’s personal copy of his own ‘Harmonie universelle’ without any manuscript addition and without Charles Racquet’s manuscript score, as a mere witness of the 1st edition of ‘Harmonie universelle’, Paris, 1636 [the same physical object can be regarded at the same time as an instance of F5 Item inasmuch as it is a witness of a publication, and as an instance of F4 Manifestation Singleton inasmuch as it contains manuscript annotations and additions and as it served as the basis for a subsequent production process]


Any other copy of the original edition of Marin Mersenne’s ‘Harmonie universelle’, Paris, 1636


Any copy of the modern reprint publication of Marin Mersenne’s ‘Harmonie universelle’, Paris, 1986, ISBN ‘2-222-00835-2’