F4 Manifestation Singleton

Version 2.1
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This class comprises physical objects that each carry an instance of F2 Expression, and that were produced as unique objects, with no siblings intended in the course of their production. It should be noted that if all but one copy of a given publication are destroyed, then that copy does not become an instance of F4 Manifestation Singleton, because it was produced together with sibling copies, even though it now happens to be unique. Examples of instances of F4 Manifestation Singleton include manuscripts, preparatory sketches and the final clean draft sent by an author or a composer to a publisher.


The manuscript known as ‘The Book of Kells’

The manuscript score of Charles Racquet’s ‘Organ fantasy’, included in Marin Mersenne’s personal copy of his own ‘Harmonie universelle’ [Marin Mersenne planned a second edition of his ‘Harmonie universelle’ after it had been first published in 1636, and he asked the composer Charles Racquet to compose his organ fantasy especially for that planned second edition; but Mersenne died before he could finish and publish the second edition and Racquet’s score remained until the 20th century as a manuscript addition to Mersenne’s copy, held in Paris by the Library of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers]


Marin Mersenne’s personal copy, held in Paris by the Library of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, of his own ‘Harmonie universelle’, containing all of his manuscript additions for a planned second edition that never took place before his death, but that served as a basis for the modern reprint published in 1986