F33 Reproduction Event

Version 2.1
Subclass of: 
CIDOC class: 
Scope note: 

This class comprises activities that consist in making copies, more or less mechanically, of an instance of E84 Information Carrier (such as an F5 Item or an F4 Manifestation Singleton which is also instance of E84 Information Carrier), preserving the expression carried by it. A Reproduction Event results in new instances of E84 Information Carrier coming into existence. In general, the copy will have different attributes from the original and they are therefore not regarded as siblings.

This class makes it possible to account for the legal distinction between private copying for the purpose of “fair use,” and mass production for the purpose of dissemination.

It can prove difficult to determine where to draw the line between F33 Reproduction Event and F32 Carrier Production Event in cases where multiple copies are produced. In this case, the copies, but not the original, may be regarded as instances of F5 Item. It is the existence of an explicit production plan that makes the difference. As a consequence, F33 Reproduction Event and F32 Carrier Production Event are not declared as disjoint, which makes it possible to account for such situations that could be regarded as instances of both Production Event and Reproduction Event


My photocopying now for my own private use an exemplar of the article entitled ‘Federal Court’s Ruling Against Photocopying Chain Will Not Destroy “Fair Use”’ by Kenneth D. Crews, issued in ‘Chronicle of higher education’, 17 April 1991, A48


The BnF’s producing in 1997 the microfilm identified by call number ‘Microfilm M-12169’ of the exemplar identified by shelf mark ‘Res 8 P 10’ of Amerigo Vespucci’s ‘Mundus novus’ published in Paris ca. 1503-1504


The BnF’s reproducing in 2001 the exemplar identified by call number ‘NC His Master’s Voice HC 20’ of a 78 rpm phonogram released by Gramophone in 1932, as part of the CD identified by call number ‘SDCR 2120’


The BnF’s making in 2003 a digitisation, identified by call number ‘IFN 7701015’, of the collection of drawings (held by the BnF) that were made by Étienne-Louis Boullée in 1784 for his project of a ‘Newton Cenotaph’