F32 Carrier Production Event

Version 2.1
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Scope note: 

This class comprises activities that result in instances of F54 Utilized Information Carrier coming into existence. Both the production of a series of physical objects (printed books, scores, CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMS, etc.) and the creation of a new copy of a file on an electronic carrier are regarded as instances of F32 Carrier Production Event.

Typically, the production of copies of a publication (no matter whether it is a book, a sound recording, a DVD, a cartographic resource, etc.) strives to produce items all as similar as possible to a prototype that displays all the features that all the copies of the publication should also display, which is reflected in property R27 used as source material F24 Publication Expression.


The printing of copies of the 3rd edition of ‘Codex Manesse: die Miniaturen der großen Heidelberger Liederhandschrift, herausgegeben und erläutert von Ingo F. Walther unter Mitarbeit von Gisela Siebert’, Insel-Verlag, 1988 [a fac-simile edition of an illuminated mediaeval manuscript]


The printing of copies of the ‘Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 213, Aberystwyth & Cwm Rheidol’, ISBN 0-319-23640-4 (folded), 1:25,000 scale, released in May 2005 [a cartographic resource]


The production of copies of the sound recording titled ‘The Glory (????) of the human voice’, RCA Victor Gold Seal GD61175, containing recordings of musical works performed by Florence Foster Jenkins [a sound recording; the question marks in parentheses belong to the original title]


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