F30 Publication Event

Version 2.1
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This class comprises the activities of publishing. Such an event includes the creation of an F24 Publication Expression and setting up the means of production. The end of this event is regarded as the date of publication, regardless of whether the carrier production is started. Publishing can be either physical or electronic. Electronic publishing is regarded as making an instance of F24 Publication Expression available in electronic form on a public network. Electronic Publishing does not mean producing a physical instance of F5 Item by partially electronic means. Making an electronic file available on a physical carrier can be regarded as equivalent to setting up the means of production; downloading the file is regarded as the electronic equivalent of F32 Carrier Production Event.


Publishing Amerigo Vespucci’s ‘Mundus novus’ in Paris ca. 1503-1504


Establishing in 1972 the layout, features, and prototype for the publication of ‘The complete poems of Stephen Crane, edited with an introduction by Joseph Katz’ (ISBN ‘0-8014-9130-4’), which served for a second print run in 1978


Making available online the article by Allen Renear, Christopher Phillippe, Pat Lawton, and David Dubin, entitled ‘An XML document corresponds to which FRBR Group 1 entity?’