F28 Expression Creation

Version 2.1
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This class comprises activities that result in instances of F2 Expression coming into existence. This class characterises the externalisation of an Individual Work.

Although F2 Expression is an abstract entity, a conceptual object, the creation of an expression inevitably also affects the physical world: when you scribble the first draft of a poem on a sheet of paper, you produce an instance of F4 Manifestation Singleton; F28 Expression Creation is a subclass of E12 Production because the recording of the expression causes a physical modification of the carrying E18 Physical Thing. The work becomes manifest by being expressed on a physical carrier different from the creator’s brain. The spatio-temporal circumstances under which the expression is created are necessarily the same spatio-temporal circumstances under which the first instance of F4 Manifestation Singleton is produced. The mechanisms through which oral tradition (of myths, tales, music, etc.) operates are not further investigated in this model. As far as bibliographic practice is concerned, only those instances of F2 Expression that are externalised on physical carriers other than both the creator’s brain and the auditor’s brain are taken into account (for a discussion of the modelling of oral traditions, see: Nicolas, Yann. ‘Folklore Requirements for Bibliographic Records: oral traditions and FRBR.’ In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly (2005). Vol. 39, No. 3-4. P. 179-195).

It is possible to use the P2 has type (is type of) property in order to specify that the creation of a given expression of a given work played a particular role with regard to the overall bibliographic history of that work (e.g., that it was the creation of the progenitor expression on which all other expressions of the same work are based; or that it was th


The creation of the original manuscript score of ‘Uwertura tragiczna’ by Andrzej Panufnik in 1942 in Warsaw


The reconstruction from memory of the manuscript score of ‘Uwertura tragiczna’ by Andrzej Panufnik in 1945 after the original score was destroyed during the war


The creation, by Lord Byron, of the English text of his work entitled ‘Manfred’ (P2 has type E55 type {major original contribution})


The creation, by Woldemar Starke, of his German translation of Lord Byron’s text entitled ‘Manfred’ (P2 has type E55 Type {translation})


The recording of the third alternate take of ‘Blue Hawaii’ performed by Elvis Presley in Hollywood, Calif., Radio Recorders, on March 22nd, 1961 [each individual take is a distinct instance of F2 Expression]