F27 Work Conception

Version 2.1
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This class comprises beginnings of evolutions of works.

An instance of F27 Work Conception marks the initiation of the creation of a work. The work, as an intellectual construction, evolves from this point on, until the last known expression of it. The instance of E39 Actor with which a work is associated through the chain of properties F1 Work R16i was initiated by F27 Work Conception P14 carried out by E39 Actor corresponds to the notion of the “creator” of the work. In the case of commissioned works, it is not the commissioning that is regarded as the work conception, but the acceptance of the commission.

This event does not always correlate with the date assigned in common library practice to the work, which is usually a later event (such as the date of completion of the first clean draft).

In addition, F27 Work Conception can serve to document the circumstances that surrounded the appearance of the original idea for a work, when these are known.


Ludwig van Beethoven’s having the first ideas for his fifth symphony


Pablo Picasso’s acceptance, in 1930, of Ambroise Vollard’s commission for a set of 100 etchings, now known as the ‘Vollard Suite’


René Goscinny’s and Albert Uderzo’s first collaborative ideas for the comic book entitled ‘Asterix in Britain’ [comment: Goscinny wrote the script and Uderzo made the drawings; both are regarded as co-creators of that collaborative, at the same level of creative input, and no attempt is made to ascertain whether the ideas for the script preceded the ideas for the drawings, or vice-versa]


The combination of activities, carried out, among others, by Alfred Hitchcock, that began the process which eventually resulted in the movie entitled ‘Psycho’ coming into being


Oscar Wilde’s having by May 1897 the initial idea of writing his poem entitled ‘The ballad of the Reading gaol’, inspired by his stay in the Reading prison from November 20, 1895 to May 18, 1897, and the execution of Charles Thomas Woolridge on July 7, 1896